"Safeguarding is a stength of the school" - OFSTED

Children Not Picked Up

Procedure when children are not collected

The school advise that parents are to contact school if they are going to be late so that the school can action internal procedures to look after their child.

If the school has not been contacted, then staff will  attempt to make contact with the parents once the other children in the school have left and it has become clear that the child has not been collected.

If the school is unable to contact parents or any of the emergency contact names, then the relevant department of Bury LA’s Social Care Services on 0161 253  5678 will be called to come and collect the child. The police may also be called. The school will give a reasonable amount of time, from 4.30pm onwards, before this action will be taken.

In cases where parents are frequently late in collecting their children, the school has a duty of care to inform Social Services and will do so if problems continue.



This policy will be reviewed in conjunction with the School Development Plan Review cycle.

October 16th 2017