"Safeguarding is a stength of the school" - OFSTED


We pride ourselves on our standards of uniform and all our children look very smart.  To avoid any unnecessary stress for your child, we ask that all items of clothing are clearly named. We recommend using My Nametags,

www.mynametags.com . Please use the code 26348 when adding your details and our school will receive 20% cash back on all purchases made! 




Grey Trousers (long or short)
Grey socks
Burgundy sweatshirt with school logo
White polo shirt
Black Shoes
Tsitsis and yarmulkes

Grey skirt or Pinafore knee length
White  polo shirt
Burgundy sweatshirt with school logo
Pink gingham summer dresses
Grey/White socks
Grey  tights
Black Shoes
Sandals may be worn in the summer but not sling backs.



Art and Technology

Plain black pumps
Plain black shorts
Plain white t-shirt
For Health and Safety reasons children are not permitted to wear jewellery. This includes watches and earrings

Large T-shirt or old shirt to protect school uniform


Trainers may only be worn during PE or at lunchtime.  They must not be worn as school shoes or around school.

Extreme hairstyles are not permitted in school.  This includes coloured hair, shaved areas or patterns (such as ticks or zig zags).  The use of any hairstyling products is not allowed and long hair should be tied back with a plain coloured, undecorated bobble to help prevent the spread of head lice.

Make up and false nails are not allowed to be worn in school.  Pupils may wear a small watch and stud earrings.

School sweatshirts, polo shirts, tsitsis and yarmulkes may be purchased from the school office.