"Safeguarding is a stength of the school" - OFSTED

Year 2

Year 2 is a very busy but extremely enjoyable year. The children will be encouraged to become more independent and responsible for the organisation of their day-to-day equipment. We believe that children should be stretched in Year 2, and endeavour to ensure that they achieve their potential, whilst at the same time making sure that they do not become stressed or worried.


Please Click HERE for more information on what will be taught throughout the year. 

SATS & End of Year Assessments
There are SATS tests in English and Maths. The statutory SATS take place in Year 2 and Year 6 and these results are reported to the government. In Year 3 – 5 the children complete the optional SATS and these results, along with teacher assessments throughout the year inform the final judgement. In Year 1, the children complete a statutory phonics screening test in June and are assessed in Reading, Writing and Maths through teacher assessment.
The children will need a quiet place to complete their work, away from distractions. If the children need support with their homework it is important that we all support them with it. The children should attempt homework by themselves but should they be struggling or becoming confused please do help them with it – particularly when they are completing past SAT papers.
Once again, if there are any problems, please let me know.
Usual Weekly Homework -
Monday - Friday
Reading practice – please complete the reading record book
Spelling practice – List given termly test Friday
Maths test corrections – Learn any vocabulary or processes which your child made a mistake on in Friday’s test
Friday -Alternate weeks:
Maths worksheet
Literacy worksheet
In March/April children will be sent past SATs papers to complete for homework. They will need help a quiet place, free from distractions to complete these. They will need your help and support to complete these. Please feel free to come in and discuss any issues that may arise.
It is really important that children have all the required equipment in school all the time and that all uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. It is also important that kit is checked each term to ensure that it still fits and is still suitable for PE lessons.
PE Kit
Outdoor – Navy blue tracksuit, white t-shirt and trainers
Indoor – Navy blue shorts, white t-shirt and black pumps
Other Equipment – Once again please label all equipment and replace it when required.
Clear plastic water bottle named (This should be taken home and refilled at the end of everyday)
Pencil Case (must fit into tray)
H.B. Pencils (these need replacing very frequently)
Set of crayons
Set of felt tip pens
2 small glue sticks
Rainy play colouring or activity
Please remember that if there is anything you need, do come and see me. Year 2 is an important year so let’s work together to make it a very happy, rewarding and successful one!
Mrs Southward