L.O. To begin to understand the British Value of Tolerence.

Today we have been learning all about tolerance in PSHE. Our school councillors asked that we look at the British value and discuss it. First, we watched a Ted talk by a boy called Coby XXX who liked wearing different coloured socks!! He told us that it was good to be tolerant with people who were different like his Mum’s friend Steven.


Then we watched read an ebook about tolerance. It told us that people are all different they have different likes and dislikes, they eat different food and they follow different religions. People can look different too, some have light skin and some have dark skin, some people have birthmarks or freckles, some people use wheel chairs or they can’t hear properly.

We also had lots of fun learning the Mr Stanley song about tolerence.

Whatever people are like it does not matter as long as we are friends and we are tolerent.