On Tuesday 18th, our girls were lucky enough to go to St Joseph and St Bede’s for a poetry workshop. Hosting this was the Mancunian poet, Ian Bland. All children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were described as well-behaved, enthusiastic and confident when writing and performing their piece. Below are some pictures from the event and their poem:

Come Quick There’s a Shadow

There’s a shadow in the garden
He’s always lurking there.
He turns up nearly every day
And disappears somewhere.

There’s a shadow in the bedroom
He’s snoozing on my bed,
He’s messed up all my duvet
And on my pillow is his head.

There’s a shadow in the bathroom
And he’s turned on all the taps.
Water is leaking everywhere,
The ceiling may collapse.

There’s a shadow on the stairs.
I can see him standing there
But when I turn off the lights,
He vanishes into thin air.