Curriculum Overview

Our aim is to provide your child with the best education that will allow them to achieve the best of their ability. The six elements that underpin our curriculum are:



Critical thinking




We plan from the National Renewed Frameworks for Mathematics and English and work from the National Curriculum from Years 1-6. We try to make our curriculum as purposeful as possible and refer to real life situations whenever we can. We make links between subjects to enable children to see that all aspects of their learning has implications for their future lives.

For example, when studying design and technology we show pupils that maths skills of measuring are useful and that being able to write a set of good instructions is vital in making a successful design. In history, computing skills are used to research information on the internet; maths skills are needed to interpret graphs and charts of historical or scientific data; and reading is the key to learning because without that, the world would not make sense.

Through these approaches, we try to enthuse pupils and give them a burning desire to learn more.

We believe that your child’s learning should be a three way partnership between your child, home and school. Our door is always open to discuss any queries or concerns you might have so feel free to contact Mrs Kobak ( for more information.

Click here to read our curriculum intent document.