Welcome to the (EYFS) Foundation Stage!

In Nursery and Reception children will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum in an environment which will encourage them to:

  • Explore new concepts and ideas.
  • Extend and develop new and existing skills
  • Grow in confidence and be willing to have a go with new experiences,
  • Become an independent learner
  • Be prepared for the next phase of their education

Throughout the day, your child will learn through a variety of adult-led activities, adult initiated activities and child led play. Challenges are incorporated into the continuous provision and adults plan individualised next steps for children to work on and practise. Staff in the Foundation Stage work together as a team to ensure that your child has the opportunities to reach their full potential. We strive to create a safe, happy, nurturing and engaging learning environment.

Day to Day Routines

  • Children come straight into class through the side door at 8.40am (Nursery) and 8.45am (Reception).
  • Reception Reading books are changed twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Children also have ‘tricky words’ to learn.
  • All children have Lunchtime at 11.45.
  • All children participate in PE, ICT, Music and Show and Tell once a week.

The continuous provision set up in our EYFS unit provides opportunities for the children to develop their confidence in both indoor and outdoor independent play.

This information and more can be found in our ‘Meet the Teacher’ PowerPoint.


Please remember that if there is anything you need, do come and see us – let’s work together to make your child’s year a happy, rewarding and successful one.

Mrs Whittam


Should you wish to generously donate a book to the EYFS classroom, you can find our wishlist here: EYFS Amazon Wishlist