At BWJPS, we follow Rising Stars Rocket Phonics program. Rocket phonics is a systematic, synthetic phonics program.

Children in Nursery develop their phonological awareness during this phase. Children will explore environmental sounds, become familiar with rhythm, rhyme and alliteration. As children become more confident in discriminating between different sounds, they will begin to be introduced to letter sounds and use them to orally blend and segment the sounds in words.

In Reception children begin to learn the letters, digraphs and trigraphs for each of the forty-four sounds in the English language. Children learn how to blend and segment these sounds in order to use them to read and write.

In Year One and Two children learn alternative spellings and pronunciations for previously taught phonemes. They also develop their blending and segmenting skills to read and write longer words with more than one syllable.

For more information on Rocket Phonics, please look at the parent guide: Rocket-Phonics-Parent-Guide.pdf (


For additional phonics resources, please see blow. These consist of games, activities and resources you can use with your child. As always, if there is anything you need, please email your child’s teacher or Mrs Whittam (Early Years and Phonics Lead).

Mrs Whittam’s Phonics PowerPoint