Update on New IT

I want to share with you some more good news on the IT front.

The Governing body promised that if the fundraise was successful , the proceeds would be mainly spent on a long overdue and substantial upgrade of our IT facilities.

I have already updated you on the order recently placed for Prowise Smartboards, which will be installed in EVERY classroom from September.

In addition, we have this week ordered a new school server and 4 new PCs.

We had intended, as part of the funds raised earlier this year, to buy 15 new iPads, 128 GB , for use by the children in lessons . The good news is that we have decided to increase the purchase to 22 new iPads, and all will be in place before the new term starts .

This substantial purchase of the latest  iPads  will in essence mean that it will be possible for all  the  classes to be taught  using an iPad each  linked to the new Smartboards .

BWJPS will be in an exclusive group of a very small number of schools from September, able to guarantee EVERY child in the class the use of an iPad during a lesson, without the need to share.

The cost of the new iPads alone will be around £9000, but we believe it is money well spent .

Finally, the first yearbook and diary will soon be available. It will be provided to all parents, free of charge, and will be sent home with the children next Wednesday night.

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