Year 4

Year 4 is a challenging but enjoyable year. We have a large amount of work to cover and a wide variety of skills to refine. We are aiming for a considerable growth in your child’s learning, skills and ability. Children should be stretched in each year, in order to achieve their own personal potential. However, I believe Year 4 is a child’s time to shine and rise up to the challenge before entering Upper Key Stage 2.

Resilience is a key word in Year 4 as we build on this to make independent learners. This, combined with hard work and laughter will make for a highly successful Year 4.

Please Click HERE for more information on what will be taught throughout the year.

SATS & End of Year Assessments

In Year 4, the children complete termly assessments in Reading, Writing and Maths. They also complete optional SATS at the end of the year. These results, along with teacher assessments throughout the year, inform the final judgement.


As you can see, we have a packed curriculum. In order to meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum, homework plays a vital part in our year. The children will need a quiet place to complete their work, away from distractions. As a rule, they will have 20-30 minutes every night. The children should ALWAYS attempt homework by themselves but should they be struggling or becoming confused please do help them with it. There is a slight increase in homework expectations and slightly less time to complete tasks. This is to prepare children for UKS2. Once again, if there are any problems, please let me know.


Usual Weekly Homework

In Year 4, there is an expectation of 20-30 minutes homework per night, alongside reading, spellings and times table practise. Homework should not be a problem or a battle. It should also not get in the way of extra-curricular activities or family traditions so please let me know if you come across any timetable – or general homework – problems.

SPaG (for Wednesday)
Reading with an adult
Spellings and table revision

SPaG (for Wednesday)
Reading with an adult
Spellings and table revision

10 Minute Tests (for Friday)
Handwriting (where necessary)
Reading with an adult
Spellings and table revision

10 Minute Tests (for Friday)
Handwriting (where necessary)
Reading with an adult
Spellings and table revision

A piece of Literacy, Maths and/ or Topic (for Monday)
Spellings and times tables (for following Friday)
Reading with an adult

Additional Resources

The following websites may also help with homework or provide additional practise:

Times Tables & Number Bonds –

Times Tables –

General Maths –

Maths & English Games –

English –

All Subjects (Specifically Topic) –

All Subjects –

Please label all equipment and replace it termly. 

  • Clear plastic water bottle
  • Homework folder
  • Pencil Case
  • Blue or black pens with which your child can write neatly
  • H.B. Pencils (at least 2)
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Set of felt tip pens
  • 2 small glue sticks
  • Small roll of sellotape
  • 30 cm ruler, which measures in both cm. and mm.
  • Dictionary – Collins new compact dictionary or Collins compact English dictionary or Oxford colour dictionary – with thesaurus


At BWJPS, reading for pleasure is extremely important. To encourage this, we have a reading for pleasure slot every day where we encourage children to read a variety of books. If you wish to help us provide these by generously donating a book to our Y4 classroom, you will find our Amazon Wishlist here. 

If there is anything you need, please email me at to book a meeting or discuss any concerns.

Miss Thorp

Latest from Year 4

Paralympics Assembly

Date: 26/01/2022

Today, Mr Wilde delivered an assembly to all children from Reception to year 6 to inform them of an exciting event we have coming up. Next month, we will be visited by paralympic gold medallist, Megan Giglia, who will be talking to our pupils and delivering a sports workshop with each class. All she asks for in return is that all children try to raise some sponsorship money (minimum of £2 each). Out of this, a small percentage will go to her charity and the rest will go to upgrading our sports equipment in school: win win! Look out for your child’s sponsorship form.

Holocaust Memorial Day – Part 1

Date: 26/01/2022

Yesterday, years 5 and 6 turned into teachers to carry out a whole school project for Holocaust Memorial Day. Inspired by the British Values of tolerance and respect, we discussed the importance of this day and how we can learn from the past. From this, we came up with hopes and dreams that we wish will one day come true for the whole world. Once years 5 and 6 completed their own, they took this learning and delivered it to every class; even staying to help each child complete their own. Mrs Kobak and Miss Pereira were very proud of each member and how they really took charge with this project but, more importantly, each member of the class enjoyed helping their younger peers. We cannot wait to see the finished product.

Tu B’Shevat

Date: 18/01/2022

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th January, we celebrated Tu B’Shevat by carrying out a variety of arts and crafts. We also ate lots of different types of fruit, planted sunflower seeds and learnt lots of interesting facts about the holiday. Chag sameach everyone!

Digestive System

Date: 25/10/2021

Year 4 enjoyed recreating the digestive system using weetabix and a pair of tights as part of our science lesson. We had lots of fun and enjoyed getting messy.

Exciting Electricity – Cool Circuits!

Date: 26/05/2021

This week we have been learning about what makes a circuit complete.

We first predicted from a diagram whether the circuit would be successful and work. The children even gave fantastic explanations as to why they thought what they did.

After, we tested out the circuits using crocodile clips, batteries and buzzers. Oh how the class was buzzing with excitement and noise!

Our predictions were fantastic and we all enjoyed it tremendously!

Tik Tok

Date: 29/11/2020

Tik Tok is a social media app where users share videos. This app is for users of 13 years or over but many of our children do have the app. Please visit the link to find tips and advice on how to keep your child safe on the app:

Tik Tok carers guide

Writing Competition Winners

Date: 27/10/2020

Last half term, our head and deputy heads set up a new writing competition for Years 3 to 5. The theme for our first writing competition was creative writing and children were given a visual prompt to work with. Channa (Y3), Calum (Y4) and Jessica (Y5) were the first lucky winners and each received 15 Dojo points! Years 3 to 5 look forward to next half term’s writing theme.









Digestive System

Date: 16/10/2020

In Year 4, we have been finding out about the digestive system in Science.

Not only have we learnt about it, we also investigated it! Things got a little bit messy. Specifically we investigated the end of the system when the food we eat was in the large intestine. We used a zip lock bag (stomach), food and  tights (large intestine). We showed in a practical way how food lost moisture in the large intestine and what the end result of this was.

Not only did we have fun but we also learnt lots, despite the mess and smell!


Date: 04/05/2020

Thank you to everyone who sent a flag to capture all your feelings about school. They are absolutely brilliant!! 

The flags have now been put together (as you can see below) and we have also made them the banner for our Facebook page.

When we get back to school, we will print them out and display them around school. Thank you again, we LOVED seeing them!