Year 5

Year 5 is a busy and challenging (but enjoyable) year. It consists of consolidating and building on the learning from Lower Key Stage 2 and preparing the children for Year 6. As in other year groups, children will be given work, books and materials appropriate to their individual needs and the opportunity to work at a pace that best suits them.

In addition to their learning, children will undertake additional responsibilities to prepare them for Year 6. Resilience is key in Year 5 as we prepare them for the pressures that Year 6 brings. However, we aim to include all our curriculum core values:

Resilience, Creativity, Critical thinking, Curiosity, Challenge and Culture.

Please Click HERE for more information on what will be taught throughout the year.

End of Year Assessments

In Year 5, children complete assessments throughout the school year. At the end of each block of learning, they complete informal maths assessments. Formal assessments – which inform data – are carried out at the end of each term. At the end of the year, children complete optional SATS and these results, along with teacher assessments throughout the year, inform the final judgement.


As you can see, we have a packed curriculum. In order to meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum, homework plays a vital part in our year. The children will need a quiet place to complete their work, away from distractions. All homework will be written down in their homework diaries.
If the children need support with their homework it is important that we all support them with it. The children should ALWAYS attempt homework by themselves but should they be struggling or becoming confused please do help them with it. Once again, if there are any problems, please let me know.

Usual Weekly Homework

Daily – Reading, Spellings & Times Tables
Children should be reading every night. Please remember to date and sign the Reading Record each time your child reads. Spellings are given on a Friday and will be tested on the following Friday. These should be practised little and often. It is also good practise to continue learning times tables.
SPaG for Tuesday
Maths Workbook for Wednesday
Comprehension for Friday
Comprehension for Friday
One piece of work linked to the week’s work (usually English or Maths) and an optional additional piece for Monday


It is really important that children have all the required equipment in school all the time and that all uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. It is also important that kit is checked each term to ensure that it still fits and is still suitable for PE lessons.

PE Kit

Outdoor – Navy blue tracksuit, white t-shirt and trainers
Indoor – Navy blue shorts, white t-shirt and black pumps

Other Equipment – Once again please label all equipment and replace it when required.

  • Plastic water bottle
  • A4 Homework folder
  • Pencil Case
  • Blue/ black, medium roller-ball pens – Frixion erasable pens are suggested (at least 2)
  • H.B. Pencils (at least 2)
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener with integral holder for shavings, simple design
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Set of felt tip pens / markers
  • 2 small glue sticks
  • 30 cm plastic ruler, marked in cm and mm (neither folding nor flexible


At BWJPS, reading for pleasure is extremely important. To encourage this, we have a reading for pleasure slot every day where we encourage children to read a variety of books. If you wish to help us provide these by generously donating a book to our Y5 classroom, you will find our Amazon Wishlist here. 

Please remember that if there is anything you need, do come and see me or send an email:
Miss Pereira

Latest from Year 5

Paralympics Assembly

Date: 26/01/2022

Today, Mr Wilde delivered an assembly to all children from Reception to year 6 to inform them of an exciting event we have coming up. Next month, we will be visited by paralympic gold medallist, Megan Giglia, who will be talking to our pupils and delivering a sports workshop with each class. All she asks for in return is that all children try to raise some sponsorship money (minimum of £2 each). Out of this, a small percentage will go to her charity and the rest will go to upgrading our sports equipment in school: win win! Look out for your child’s sponsorship form.

Holocaust Memorial Day – Part 1

Date: 26/01/2022

Yesterday, years 5 and 6 turned into teachers to carry out a whole school project for Holocaust Memorial Day. Inspired by the British Values of tolerance and respect, we discussed the importance of this day and how we can learn from the past. From this, we came up with hopes and dreams that we wish will one day come true for the whole world. Once years 5 and 6 completed their own, they took this learning and delivered it to every class; even staying to help each child complete their own. Mrs Kobak and Miss Pereira were very proud of each member and how they really took charge with this project but, more importantly, each member of the class enjoyed helping their younger peers. We cannot wait to see the finished product.

Poetry Workshop

Date: 20/01/2022

On Tuesday 18th, our girls were lucky enough to go to St Joseph and St Bede’s for a poetry workshop. Hosting this was the Mancunian poet, Ian Bland. All children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were described as well-behaved, enthusiastic and confident when writing and performing their piece. Below are some pictures from the event and their poem:

Come Quick There’s a Shadow

There’s a shadow in the garden
He’s always lurking there.
He turns up nearly every day
And disappears somewhere.

There’s a shadow in the bedroom
He’s snoozing on my bed,
He’s messed up all my duvet
And on my pillow is his head.

There’s a shadow in the bathroom
And he’s turned on all the taps.
Water is leaking everywhere,
The ceiling may collapse.

There’s a shadow on the stairs.
I can see him standing there
But when I turn off the lights,
He vanishes into thin air.


Tu B’Shevat

Date: 18/01/2022

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th January, we celebrated Tu B’Shevat by carrying out a variety of arts and crafts. We also ate lots of different types of fruit, planted sunflower seeds and learnt lots of interesting facts about the holiday. Chag sameach everyone!

Trojan War

Date: 14/12/2021

Today, Year 5 explored a variety of artefacts from 2400 – 2200BC. We discussed how these help us to understand the city of Troy and give clues as to what the people may have been like. Afterwards, we learnt about the Trojan war and re-enacted certain elements; using freeze-frames to explore pivotal moments and how the soldiers would have felt. See our freeze-frames below:

Chanukah Fun

Date: 02/12/2021

This week, we have celebrated Chanukah in numerous ways. However, our highlights were making latkes and performing our Chanukah concert to all of our lovely families. We hope you enjoyed!

Snow Business

Date: 30/11/2021

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed their snow day by making the most of their break times and building two snowmen. The team work and enthusiasm that came from this was wonderful to witness and I – along with all the children – can’t wait for more snow to come!

Electrical Conductors

Date: 27/10/2021

This week, our scientific focus was to find the best electrical conductor. To do this, we set up a circuit – using our Y4 electricity skills – and tested four different metals: gold, silver, iron and steel. We soon found steel to be the best electrical conductor.


Showbie – digital learning experience

Date: 21/10/2021

The children in Year 1 – 6 had some wonderful sessions with an expert showing them how to use Showbie and access some of the amazing features available using the IPADS. This is Year 5 & 6 enjoying their session on Thursday.


Date: 22/07/2021

As our end of year treat, Y5 had a sleepover in the hall! We had snacks, played games, watched films and slept – a little. It has been such a turbulent year so it was wonderful to give everyone the chance to laugh and play together.

Etgar 2021

Date: 25/06/2021

Every year, Year 5 participate in the Etgar competition. This would usually take place in London and is a very exciting event in the Y5 calendar. However, due to restrictions, this year it took place virtually. To celebrate the children’s participation – and create the same level of excitement – we took the children to Mozzarella and the park afterwards. Safe to say, the children were very full and satisfied after their numerous slices of delicious pizza and yummy ice cream so the park was a welcomed walk to stretch our legs. A truly enjoyable afternoon for all after a successful morning of quizzing. Thank you Mrs Lewis, Mrs Elfassy and Mrs Cohen for organising and helping make the day as enjoyable as possible.


Date: 21/06/2021

Today, in maths, we were introduced to protractors and how to use these to measure angles. First, we recapped our knowledge of angles by identifying which were acute, obtuse, right or straight. Why not ask your child to explain the difference between these? Then, we practised measuring them. It was great to see everybody helping one another to make sure the protractor was placed correctly etc… Brilliant skills shown and an engaging introduction for the children as they thoroughly enjoyed writing on the tables. Liam on the other hand…

NHS Competition Winner – Harry

Date: 18/06/2021

We are very proud to announce that Harry won the NHS Competition and has been chosen to represent the North West in the semi-finals. Alongside an Amazon voucher of £25, Harry was given the opportunity to do a small presentation about his entry. The entire class watched and cheered him on. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an overall victory!

3D River Models & Racing Car!

Date: 11/06/2021

What an action packed afternoon Years 5 & 6 had today! It was a busy start with children working in their mixed year groups to complete the final stages of their 3D river models: painting and labelling. All children worked extremely well together, with Year 6 taking role of mountain expert and Year 5 showcasing their new river knowledge. We are all very proud of the end results:

This fun-filled afternoon was made even better by the visit of Mr Gauld – a real racing car driver – and his Ginetta GTA. Mr Gauld answered all the children’s questions regarding the car and his career, whilst Miss Pereira was more intrigued as to whether Freddie Flintoff was actually as tall as he looks. A great afternoon for all children – and staff!

Road Safety

Date: 26/05/2021

Today, Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Brabin about road safety. She reminded us how to stay safe near the road and taught us how to safely cross the road; always looking both ways. All children were given different scenarios and told what to do to maintain maximum safety and reduce risks.

Local MP Visit

Date: 24/05/2021

On Friday afternoon, as part of Year 5/6 project afternoons, we were very lucky to have the MP of Bury South – Christian Wakeford – visit our school. Years 5 and 6 had the chance to ask him a variety of questions surrounding parliament; his path to becoming a MP; and his career. It was a great opportunity for the classes and very inspiring.


Year 5/6 Project Afternoons

Date: 12/05/2021

Since returning to full Fridays, years 5 and 6 have taken the opportunity to carry out various projects together. These have ranged from:

  • participating in a recycling workshop
  • Ethan teaching us key phrases and numbers 1-10 in Thai (shown below)
  • learning about Parliament

The classes have really enjoyed the range of activities that have been offered and have embraced each other’s company. As a result, we have lots more plans coming up, including designing and creating 3D river systems and creating a poetry slam.


Lag B’Omer Drum Session

Date: 30/04/2021

To celebrate the joyous festival that is Lag B’Omer, we were lucky enough to have an African drumming session. We learnt how to use them and all had a go of making a new beat. Here is our group beat which made Miss Pereira and Mrs Kobak quite emotional; it sounds brilliant!

Mindfulness Sessions

Date: 26/04/2021

Years 5 and 6 are very lucky as our trainee teacher, Miss Moss, has set up a lunchtime mindfulness club. During these sessions, years 5 and 6 have explored mindfulness eating and ways to feel happy or keep calm. Last week they started to make dreamweavers, which they really enjoyed, as you can see below.

Presentations on America

Date: 20/04/2021

Our geography topic for the Spring term was ‘Amazing Americas’. To showcase our learning, we created multimedia presentations on an American state of our choice. I am so proud of the variety of skills used to create these presentations. Sit back, relax and get ready to learn.

  1. Harry, Honey and Jayda – California & Hollywood
  2. Harry, Honey and Jayda – California & Hollywood
  3. Marissa and Owen – Texas
  4. Isla, Jake and Sadie – New York
  5. Araya, Dana and Jacob – Florida
  6. Jessica, Rebecca and Simcha – Idaho

60s Dance Moves

Date: 06/04/2021

Our topic for Spring 2 was ‘Leisure and Entertainment’. Within this topic, we explored the rise – and fall – of the cinema, the love of football, the takeover of the TV and how to party in the swinging Sixties. The latter was definitely our favourite so we have recorded some of the key 60s dance moves for you to try out at home. Enjoy.

To watch these videos, open up the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. A link should appear at the top of your screen. Press the link and the video will load.

Chanukah Madness Week

Date: 21/12/2020

To celebrate Chanukah – and the last week of a difficult term – BWJPS hosted a fancy dress week. The children LOVED it and I really enjoyed seeing the creativity that went into each outfit. It was lovely to see the children come into school so enthusiastically and compliment one another on their ideas/ outfits so thank you for helping. I would also like to thank you for helping our school’s PTA with its fundraising activities. As you can see, Year 5 went all out for their different items. Unfortunately, we were so busy on Tuesday that we forgot to take a picture in our pyjamas but they were equally awesome.

Wellbeing Day

Date: 18/12/2020

We really enjoyed our mental health and wellbeing day on the last day of term. This included lots of different activities; including a house quiz with year 6, mindfulness art activities and a circle time discussion. This circle time activity was a brilliant way to end the term as it allowed each child to reflect on their achievements throughout the term; sharing what they are proud of and grateful for. We also focused on people’s strengths and how we can work as a team.

Y5/6 Writing Session

Date: 17/12/2020

Following on from our author zoom with Sufiya Ahmed, we decided to try writing our own war/ spy stories. To do this, years 5 and 6 paired up and worked together to write our stories before reading them aloud to one another. This was a great activity and a wonderful opportunity for children to learn from one another. We had a great time!

Author Zoom

Date: 11/12/2020

Years 5 and 6 were very lucky to have a zoom meeting with Sufiya Ahmed on Wednesday. Sufiya, author of Noor-Un-Nissa Inayat Khan, worked in the Houses of Parliament as a researcher and writer before becoming a full-time author. She now has 3 books published, two of which focus on human rights. Sufiya spoke to us about her previous career and how she became an author; she also shared some tips with the classes on how to become authors themselves. The children really enjoyed the session; being able to ask her questions and listening to a chapter from her recently published book about Noor Khan. She has also kindly agreed to sell SIGNED copies of the book to school for a discounted price of £6.50 so let Miss Pereira or Mrs Kobak know if you would like one.

Musical Maestro

Date: 09/12/2020

We are very pleased to share that Harry has passed his Grade 1 in piano with distinction! He has done extremely well and we are all very proud. I, personally, cannot wait to watch him in concert one day. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Reading for Pleasure

Date: 03/12/2020

Not only have Year 5 impressed Miss Pereira with their wonderful work ethic during assessment week; they have also become the first class to complete their reading for pleasure tower. This is a competition for Years 3 to 6 where the spines of books, read by the children during our ‘reading for pleasure’ slot, are photocopied and towered in order to win a class prize. Miss Pereira is over the moon and would like to thank all those parents who donated books from our Amazon wishlist as this has really helped our class’ reading journey.

Tik Tok

Date: 29/11/2020

Tik Tok is a social media app where users share videos. This app is for users of 13 years or over but many of our children do have the app. Please visit the link to find tips and advice on how to keep your child safe on the app:

Tik Tok carers guide

Black History Month Cont…

Date: 05/11/2020

Here are the finished products of our inspirational Black Britons posters. I’m sure you agree that they make a striking display!

Autumn Sheds Competition

Date: 03/11/2020

Exciting news…we won our own shed! Two of our class (Harry and Sadie) are the proud winners of the Autumn sheds competition where their designs were used to paint a shed. They took a trip into Bury Centre to see their shed, amongst other winners’ sheds from a variety of schools, which will soon be on our school playground and utilised as a reading nook for playtimes. Congratulations guys and well done! 🙂

Black History Month

Date: 30/10/2020

This week, we had great discussions about Black History month, its origin and its importance today. Our main focus was looking at the Windrush generation and the impact they had on our culture. We also researched black Britons who we found inspirational and created artistic posters for each person. Here we are getting our art on…

Writing Competition Winners

Date: 27/10/2020

Last half term, our head and deputy heads set up a new writing competition for Years 3 to 5. The theme for our first writing competition was creative writing and children were given a visual prompt to work with. Channa (Y3), Calum (Y4) and Jessica (Y5) were the first lucky winners and each received 15 Dojo points! Years 3 to 5 look forward to next half term’s writing theme.









Praise Post

Date: 02/10/2020

This week, FOUR of us earned a praise postcard home for excellent efforts in different subjects:

Dana and Harry received theirs for brilliant results in our end of unit maths assessment.

Jessica for brilliant computing work.

Marissa for sharing her first novel with the class.

Reading is Magic Festival

Date: 01/10/2020

This week, we participated in two separate events from the ‘Reading is Magic’ festival: an illustration session with Chris Riddell and a reading session with Pamela Butchart. We really enjoyed both sessions but Miss Pereira was very impressed with some of our own illustrations as we joined in alongside Chris Riddell. Excitingly, Pamela Butchart replied to our class tweet and wished us hello!


Inferring Character’s Thoughts

Date: 11/09/2020

In our English lesson, we carried out some drama techniques to infer the thoughts and emotions of different characters. The children used freeze frame and voice overs very well.


Date: 04/05/2020

Thank you to everyone who sent a flag to capture all your feelings about school. They are absolutely brilliant!! 

The flags have now been put together (as you can see below) and we have also made them the banner for our Facebook page.

When we get back to school, we will print them out and display them around school. Thank you again, we LOVED seeing them!

Diary entries